Wood & Vinyl Siding Repair

Many of Chicago’s older homes need siding repair because they have original wood siding or vinyl siding. Often the siding needs to be restored and brought back to life. Perhaps your home needs a facelift.

Chipped paint, damaged siding and shingles can destroy not only the beauty of a house, but also the value of the property over time.

Additionally, outside wall deterioration can reduce energy efficiency, make the building look years older, and impair first impressions of visitors.

The facade of a house says a lot about the people inside, so it’s our job to make it beautiful! Let our Chicago home painters give your house a makeover. Contact us for a free estimate.

Whether you need renovating, repainting or staining a family residence, or painting for your brand-new home, Klasek Painting provides professional service you can trust. We are so confident you will be satisfied, we guarantee all of our interior and exterior work.

blue victorian home, exterior

Exterior Surface Cleaning Staining and Painting

One of the best ways we restore and repair siding is thorough cleaning. We remove dirt, cobwebs, and any mold or mildew

Depending upon the condition, careful power washing may be all that’s needed. Sometimes we use a product like Simple Green.

Preparation and Siding Repair

All of our painters are trained in restoring older homes.

As exterior siding contractors, we know how to

  • patch vinyl siding,
  • replace house siding,
  • repair shingles, and
  • we are experts at wood siding repair.
victorian house with gray siding, exterior

Our Outside Preparation Process Includes:

  • Power washing and/or power sanding
  • Scraping off loose and peeling or chipping old paint
  • Removing damaged or defective caulking
  • Sanding and smoothing surfaces so paint will adhere
  • Repairing any chipped home siding or shingles
  • Replacing rotted or damaged wood, material, or cedar shingles
  • Replacing or repairing any damaged vinyl siding
  • Install new siding if needed
  • Completing any additional installation or required carpentry work
  • Closing gaps in lap siding with caulking or puttying
  • Caulking seams and casings
  • Priming any bare wood or metal for a longer lasting paint job
  • Hardware and light fixtures not to be painted are removed or protected
  • All plants and outdoor furniture is be moved or covered
  • Sidewalks, pools, and vehicles covered and protected
  • All windows and doors are masked completely

Stain and Paint Colors

Color is critical in setting the tone and mood of a home. It is also the most important factor in curb appeal. We can customize your exterior paint color scheme to compliment your home and reflect your style. We are also able to match your existing paint, stain, or siding colors.

Most of all, to ensure we give you the best job possible, we only use the highest quality products from Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore. With premium paint products your home’s exterior will withstand Chicago’s winter and summer extremes. Your outside wall and trim colors will go from sun-bleached to beautiful.

Application of Exterior Paint & Stain

After all of the cleaning, repairing and preparation, now it’s time for paint or sealing & staining. We are careful to apply all products evenly so the exterior has a uniform finish and color.

Depending upon the condition of your home, you will need one or two coats of the finish colors. We will let you know when we provide you with a free written estimate.

Klasek Painting Company in Chicago

Our satisfaction-guaranteed services offer a cost-efficient way to add a durable coating that makes your residence look stunning and new. There is nothing average about Klasek Painting & Services.

In conclusion, we ensure that all painting projects are completed on time, within budget and to your satisfaction. We’ll make your home the envy of the neighborhood.


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