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Downers Grove Painting

Downers Grove Painting

Downers Grove Exterior Painting


First of all, we’ve been painting in Downers Grove for years. In fact, we have lots of happy customers from that area. One of the best things we like about the neighborhoods is the pride of ownership.

Many of these homes have been in the same family for generations. Every home has a story. Just like the owners. It’s our job to continue the story by making the home look as beautiful as possible.



In most instances, we paint both the interior and exterior. Our crew has lots of experience with any type of job. Pete, the owner of Klasek Painting will come out and give you a bid for the painting you need. Feel free to contact him here.

Downers Grove Exterior Painting

As a rule, many homeowners are most concerned with the exterior of their home. That makes sense with Chicago’s harsh weather. That being said, preparation is very important. You want to make sure the prep is done well. That can make a huge difference in the quality of your paint job.

Because of that, our crew takes extra care in making sure all prep is very thorough.

Here’s what we do for exterior jobs

  • pressure wash when necessary
  • clean off spider webs and dirt
  • fill any nail holes
  • caulk and fill cracks
  • fix nails pops or dings
  • fill the seams and joists in the trim
  • caulk the molding joints to the walls
  • for an additional charge, we can repair drywall and siding

Interior Painting Downers Grove

In the first place, it’s truly amazing what paint can do!

Exterior Painting

Interior Painting

Baseboards look new. Walls look clean. And with accent colors, the entire room can look different.


Here’s a beautiful home we painted. 

Pete Klasek is an expert at selecting just the right color combinations.

For example, these colors are rich and creamy and go well together.


If you’d like, Pete can help you with color choices too. Just ask.


How to Choose a Painting Company in Downers Grove

Our suggestion, look at their work. You can take a tour around this website and see all of our beautiful work. We’ve painted homes all over the Chicago suburbs including:

We’d like to paint your home too!

Exterior Painting Company in Downers Grove IL 

Is your home 2 or 3 stories? That’s not uncommon in this area. Leave climbing the ladders to us. No reason for you to risk it.

Downers Grove IL exterior painting


Plus, we can get your home painted 10 times faster than you can do it yourself. 

By the way, the paint products we use are top of the line. We love Sherwin Williams. Their paint goes on nicely and covers well.

If you have any additional concerns or questions, contact Pete here.



Last but not least, we’re super neat! You can be confident we’ll clean up after ourselves. So all you’ll see is your beautiful new paint job.

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