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First, let’s talk about our quality painters Willow Springs. What makes us different? Above all, our experience.

Owner, Pete Klasek has been serving the Chicago suburbs for over 20 years. Because of that, he has hundreds of satisfied customers. And, he’s painted every type of home or commercial property you can think of.

The second thing that makes us different is our guarantee. We know how to make your property look its best.


In fact, we guarantee it! That alone will make you feel confident that you will get an excellent job.

When you contact us for a bid, Pete will come out personally. If possible, it’s best if you can be home at the time. That way you can ask him any questions. Additionally, Pete can do the same. Once he’s seen your property – he’ll give you a written bid. It will list out all work to be done and materials used.

Take Advantage of our Free Color Consultation

Paint colors transform a room and a house. Curb appeal and a well-decorated room begin with your color choices. We offer a free color consultation for all of our clients. Believe it or not, this is one of the most critical steps in the entire process.

Which should you choose – cool or warm?

That’s the first place to start. If you have lots of bricks or stonework, you should probably go warm. In fact, most exterior colors are on the warmer pallet. But, when you’re thinking about painting inside, it could go either way. And, whites come in cool and warm. Plus, there are hundreds of shades of white. So, make your choices carefully.

For the inside, one trick is to put several different paint swatches against pieces of furniture. Pick the one that goes the best. That works well with whites and can give you a starting point. And of course, Pete is here to help.

Interior Painters Willow Springs IL That Are Tidy!

One of the questions we get asked the most is: Are your painters neat? And the answer is YES! In fact, they clean up after themselves along the way and at the end of the day.

Willow Springs IL Interior Painting


Exterior Painters Willow Springs IL That Are Precise!

Here’s  next question we get asked – a lot. Are your painters neat? Do they cut in straight? 

Exterior painters Willow Springs IL


And of course, the answer is yes! For the exterior (and interior too) cut in has to be exact.

That’s especially important if you have any brick or stonework. We don’t get paint on bricks or stones. We’re super careful.




Choosing a Painting Company in Willow Springs Illinois 60480

What about other services do you provide besides painting? 

Interior painters Willow Springs IL

We provide

  • drywall repair
  • stucco repair
  • wallpaper removal
  • faux finishing
  • spray finishes
  • varnishing & staining



As you can see from the picture above, height is not an issue.  We can arrange for scaffolding when needed so you don’t have to worry about that.

We’d appreciate the opportunity to bid on your next paint job.

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