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Custom Victorian Colors

Klakek home painters Riverside produce beautiful work. In the photo above, notice the attention to detail. One of the things we enjoyed about painting this residence was the rich colors. They brought the home to life.

Plus, the homeowners understood the importance of quality workmanship and products. That’s why they chose Klasek Painting. They appreciated our superior work ethic and high standards. They especially wanted to make sure their paint job lasted for years to come. Our company is one of the few in Chicagoland that offers a guarantee.


House Painting Riverside, Illinois

Not only do we paint exteriors, many times we paint the interior of homes at the same time.


Our craftsmanship shows in

  • Color selection
  • Precision cut in
  • High-quality paint products.


Here is an example of a grand entry we painted. Don’t you love those colors! They look so rich – almost like suede!

Interior Painting

Foyer in traditional suburban home with curved staircase

We were careful to:

  1. Cover all hardwood floor and
  2. Protect all furniture
  3. Cover the beautiful staircase and railing
  4. Cut in precisely while
  5. Working with the owners all along the way

Recent Exterior Painting in Riverside Illinois 60546

House Painting Riverside IL


To the left is another example of a job we recently completed.

What a classic home!

The colors were rich and made the home stand out in the neighborhood.



  • The light colored railing is a good design choice to balance the darker siding.  Plus, the color palette brought out the different textures of the exterior materials.
  • Notice how intricate and detailed the bottom stonework is. If it had been a darker color – it wouldn’t have shown the detail as much.
  • The navy with the dark green is classic. This home will look absolutely beautiful during the holiday season.


More examples of our high-quality work – both exterior & interior

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