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Historical house painting Oak Park

Historical house painting

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Trust Klasek Painters Oak Park. We’ve been in business for 25 years and are part of your community. In fact, your village is one of our favorite neighborhoods in the Chicagoland suburbs.

One of the main things we love about this area is the diversity. This is true of the residents and homes alike. And both are as good as you can find!


Custom Painters Oak Park

Every home has a story. The families that have lived there – the new ones moving in. And part of that story is creating a beautiful home with both interior and exterior painting. It’s truly surprising what a difference a professional house painting job can do.


Exterior Painting Company in Oak Park, Illinois

Below is a job we completed recently. If you have a home this size, would you want to climb those ladders?

Exterior House Painters Oak Park

So – stay off those ladders! Let us do the work for you.

We respect your home as much as you do.

As you can see, our painters are incredibly neat.

This job was very rewarding to paint. The new paint made a huge difference.

The owners were thrilled and the job came out great.

Interior Painting company Oak Park IL

For every residence we paint, Pete Klasek, provides a free color consultation. This is an example of interior colors for a local residence.

Interior Painters Oak Park IL

Foyer in traditional suburban home with curved staircase

Why does this entry look so perfect? 

  • Expert color selection
  • Only two colors were chosen
  • All colors are from a warm palette
  • The white is a deep & rich hue
  • The colors compliment the woodwork
  • The sheen is flat which works well with the curved walls
  • Overall the room is simply elegant

Choosing a Painting Company in Oak Park Illinois 60527

When you’re selecting a painting company, make sure they can provide all the services you need.

At Klasek Painting we:

  • Guarantee our work
  • Use only the best paint products
  • Have highly trained painters
  • Provide interior painting
  • Provide exterior painting
  • Are experts at spray finishes
  • Are experts at varnishing and staining
  • Do impeccable preparation
  • Always do a spotless cleanup



We would appreciate it if the next time you or a friend need interior or exterior painting done, you called us for a bid.

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