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Expert Exterior Painters & Staining Services in the Chicago Suburbs

Sit back, relax and leave your exterior home painting to us. Our exterior painters have been working in the Chicago suburbs for over 25 years and have provided the highest quality and reliable services. We’re dedicated to saving you time and effort — what our team does in days what could take you weeks!

Our residential house painters are highly trained, experienced, and always courteous. We only use the best paint and stain products to ensure a beautiful, high-quality outdoor finish.

We promise you a durable job that will withstand winter and summer extremes. Your new curb appeal will be the envy of your neighborhood. Plus, you’ll feel secure that you’re protecting the value of your home.

gray house with yellow and red trim, exterior 2
gray house with yellow and red trim, exterior
beige house with blue trim, exterior

Outside Home Painting Preparation

As experienced residential exterior painters, we know that the quality of the job starts with the preparation. We have a 12-point checklist to make sure we give you the absolute best service possible.

  1. Pressure wash exterior walls, eaves, trim and gutters
  2. Bleach any mildew
  3. Scrape any loose or peeling paint, power sand if needed
  4. Fill nail and other holes
  5. Prime all metal and bare wood
  6. Repair nail pops, cracks and dings
  7. Clean and prep trim and other exterior surfaces
  8. Fill seams and joints
  9. Caulk windows and other exterior joints
  10. Mask outside windows and doors completely
  11. Cover and protect walkways, plants, and scrubs
  12. Protect pools, outside furniture, and vehicles

Full & Partial Exterior Home Painting Services in & Around Lyons, IL

While we specialize in exterior painting, sometimes you might not even need your whole house to be repainted. If one side of your home gets heavy sun exposure, you may only need partial exterior wall painting.

Our goal is to give you the paint job you need. If you don’t need your entire home painted – we’re honest Chicago painters, and we’ll let you know.

Chicagoland Outside Trim Painting Services

Chicago has beautiful brick homes that only require our trim painting service.

We are happy to do this for you.

No matter what your home style is.

Freshening up your trim or changing the color can make a noticeable difference.

Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

How can you find a house color combination that you’d like? Drive around some of our beautiful Chicago neighborhoods. Look for homes with an appealing color scheme. Often you can even ask the homeowner if they know what their colors are.

In addition, Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore stores have the latest color card samples. It’s also a good idea to test a few different colors. Get a sample and paint a large section on an outside wall. If possible paint a section of trim next to it. That way you can see the two together.

Checking back throughout the day and looking at the wall and trim colors is an excellent idea. Because you will be surprised how different colors can look at various times. Varying colors is even true for interior painting.

As an added benefit, we offer our clients free color consultations. Older homes are our specialty, and we enjoy helping our customers design their very own color palette.

exterior brick house trim service

Additional Exterior Home Painting Services in the Chicago Suburbs

For an added fee our painting company will be happy to

home painters Berwyn

Chicagoland Deck Staining, Maintenance & Refinishing

Our painters can bring the life back into your decking. Careful power-washing will reveal the hidden wood grain; staining will enhance the grain and sealing will protect the wood.

Yearly maintenance can keep your decks protected and looking their best.

Our Neat House Painter Guarantee For Exterior Home Painting in & Around Lyons, IL

Finally, you can be confident that we will be neat and clean up (on a daily basis). We make sure to cover all walks, windows, decks and any other surface to prevent damage from paint or stain.

No worries, we clean up after ourselves and remove any tape, paint, paint cans, and drop cloths.

We are a preferred Chicago residential exterior painting contractor.


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