Desirable Burr Ridge Painting Services

Beautiful Burr Ridge PaintingSuperior Burr Ridge homes require the highest standards when it comes to painting.

Your home is a smart investment and our top-quality painting services will help you:

  1. Protect your investment
  2. Keep their home looking pristine

The Families of Burr Ridge, IL

Both the homes and families that live in this prestigious community have style and class.

Klasek painting has been servicing Burr Ridge for over 20 years. We’ve painted lots of homes, inside and out and we’ve had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful families.

We’ve seen their kids start kindergarten and before we know it they’re going to prom!

Burr Ridge painting neighborhoodYou can’t fail to be impressed when driving through these beautiful neighborhoods.

No two homes are the least bit alike. The homes are more than simply well kept. They’re immaculate.

That makes sense because upkeep is a number one priority.

Since this is one of our favorite neighborhoods, we thought we’d highlight our favored streets

Burr Ridge IL – Most Impressive Neighborhoods

Drew Avenue: large two and three story custom homes in beautiful settings.

Kenmare Drive: gorgeous homes from Tudor to modern with large multi-car garages.

Burr Ridge Club Drive: features substantial estates – best of the best.

Most homes in Burr Ridge were built in the late 1940s up to present. There are a still a few parcels for sale to build custom homes.

Burr Ridge Painting – Lavish Interiors

Interior Painting

Foyer in traditional suburban home with curved staircase

The interior of these homes is as unique as the exterior.

Klasek Painting is skilled at painting all interiors.

We can finish and paint anything including:

  • gourmet kitchens,
  • high ceilings, and
  • large staircases.

 Unique Paint Color Choices for Burr Ridge

Since every home and family are different, we offer personalized color consulting. Here are a few tips for exterior paint colors:

Brick and stone – always select colors that will accentuate these natural assets

Roof type and color – your paint colors should compliment the shade and type of roof

Landscape – your surroundings along with your paint colors bring beautiful curb-appeal

Thank you for taking a tour of lovely Burr Ridge with us. We hope you’ve enjoyed the tour.

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