Quality Exterior Painting Costs


Exterior painting costs and pricing are our most asked questions. “What’s the cost?” But a better question is:

What’s the value?
As there are cars that are of higher quality, it’s the same with house painting. It’s important to not just look at the bottom line and the final price.

Having a quality paint job not only looks better, but it also adds to the value of your home. You’ll also feel confident your home will be protected from Chicago’s harsh weather.

You have to consider the value. You don’t want to base your buying decision only on price because then you may not get a quality job.

What Goes into Exterior Painting Costs?

Here’s how we price:

Size of home – as you can imagine, the size of your home is a major component in the pricing.

Single story or more? More than one story requires more time, more ladder work, and more risk for us.

Condition. This is a big one. Preparation can take a long time. So as a homeowner it’s important that you keep your property up.

If there’s peeling paint – get it handled right away. At the first sign of mold or dry-rot, get it repaired.

victorian oak park house

Other Things to Consider

Exterior Paint Colors

How many different colors do you want? That can make a difference.

If you only need a body, one trim color, and one accent color, that would cost less than a painted lady with many colors.

Sherwin Williams has some helpful information about choosing colors.

Brand of Paint

We prefer Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore. Yes, you can find cheaper paint, but it won’t last.

Both of the companies offer high-quality materials, and they stand behind their product.

Quality of Contractor

The insurance coverage, licensing and crew also determine your cost. If you get a bid that’s super low – the contractor may not be licensed. Or even worse they might not have insurance. These are points to check when you get your bid.

Klasek Painting carries both liability and workers comp insurance. We also guarantee our work. How about how long the contractor has been in business? We’ve been serving Chicagoland for over 25 years. That’s a lot of experience and happy customers.


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