Custom Exterior Painter Western Springs
Cedar house with white trim

Custom Exterior Painter Western Springs

To begin with, Klasek Painting has been the trusted painter Western Springs for over 20 years. During that time, his company has painted many residences in the beautiful village. Subsequently, servicing many homeowners around the downtown area.

Complimentary Written Estimate

To begin with, when you request a bid, owner Pete Klasek will

  • First, set up a time that works for you
  • Second, arrive on time, then
  • Third, discuss your needs and then
  • Fourth offer a complimentary color consultation and finally
  • Fifth prepare your written estimate
  • Lastly, Pete will email your bid or deliver it in person, whatever works best for you.

As always, local references of other Western Springs homeowners are available.

What to Expect of Your Painter Western Springs

First and foremost our painters work around you and your schedule. If you work from home, you can rest assured you will not be interrupted.

The first day of the job will include preparation

  1. Power wash outside walls, eaves, trim and gutters
  2. Bleach any mold or mildew
  3. Scrape any peeling or loose paint, if needed power sand
  4. Fill any holes – including nail holes
  5. Prime any bare wood or metal
  6. Repair cracks, dings and nail pops
  7. Clean and prepare other exterior surfaces and trim
  8. Fill all joints and seams
  9. Caulk exterior joints and windows
  10. Mask exterior doors and windows completely
  11. Cover and protect plants, scrubs, and walkways
  12. Protect all vehicles, outside furniture, and swimming pools

Western Springs Exterior Painting Services

In most cases, we paint the entire exterior of large homes.

Before long, many homeowners realize they also need the interior of their home painted. In that case, we coordinate the work to fit with the homeowner’s schedule.

Best Paint Colors for Western Springs

We get asked all the time, what color should I paint my house? It depends on your personal taste.

Western Springs has many residents who are designers and artists. In that instance they may know exactly what they want.

Finally – in closing, Pete Klasek, is always happy to help with color choices. Resulting in the best colors for your lifestyle and home design.

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