Best Exterior Paint Colors for Homes

“What paint colors would look best on our house?” That’s the most common question we get asked.  


Exterior Paint Colors
Custom Victorian Colors

Our answer: “It depends”. I know this doesn’t completely answer the question.  But, there are many different factors to take into account. Here’s a list of tips to keep in mind:


Choose paint colors that go with your roof

This may seem obvious, but it is important to make sure the colors you pick, go well with your roof.

Is your roof a warm or cool color? Once you figure that out, picking your colors gets easier.


Here are examples of a warm palette and cool palette:

Warm palette
Cool palette








Here are some color tips for different shades of roofs:

  • Brown roofs – warm colors go well, creamy white, chocolate brown – think organic colors. The picture at the top of this blog is an excellent example. This home had a beautiful brown roof. The colors we chose went well.
  • Gray roofs – select cool colors. When considering the body color, remember you can add beautiful vivid accent colors for the doors and trim. Try clear blues and greens.
  • Green roofs – shades of green, gray, and white go well. Decide if you want accent colors to be within the same palette or completely different.
  • Black roofs – white looks great, so does gray and blue. Remember to pick some beautiful accent colors to pull everything together.


Will these paint colors go with the surroundings?

Take a look around. Is your home set in luscious surroundings of green trees and foliage? How would a bright blue house look? Would it be out of place and jarring? Consider the setting and property when choosing your colors.

Exterior trim in Burr Ridge, Illinios 60527
Exterior trim in Burr Ridge, Illinois


Take a step back, walk out to the street.

Picturing your color choices within the property surroundings can pull everything together.


Curb appeal and paint colors

If you look at any model homes, everything is planned out. The paint colors for the body, trim, doors, and any accent colors are a work of art. The palette choices go well with the roof and design of the home. And, the flowering plants compliment the home.

Take a drive around in your favorite neighborhoods. Notice the most “put together” homes also have the most curb appeal. Remember – it all starts with color. Let us help.


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